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Tailored Morocco Tours offers sandboarding as a way to discover the sand dunes of Merzouga in a funny way. Enjoy Sandboarding in Morocco on one of the biggest sand dunes in north Africa you can practice your favorite sport and surf in the sand.

Experience the Sahara desert and enjoy Tailored Morocco Tours Sandboarding in  Merzouga at the largest high sand dunes of Erg Chebbi. Sandboarding Merzouga is a board sport that involves riding across or down dunes while standing with both feet attached to a board.

Sandboarding is a wonderful way to discover the sand dunes of Merzouga, All of our tours include sandboarding in the dunes…

Despite soft and warm sand, sandboarding involves hiking steep dunes and zooming down at speeds of up to 50 mph! Sandboarding 

Once in your desert camp at one of the dunes, you will enjoy sliding down the desert sand dunes on your board.