Questions you may have before travelling to Morocco


Is tipping customary in Morocco?

While tipping isn’t mandatory in Morocco, rounding up the bill and leaving spare change at restaurants and cafes is generally standard practice. The tipping in Morocco depends on services, kindness, and efforts. in addition that could encourage and develop the services.

What is internet access like in morocco?

Morocco’s cities have internet access available in internet cafes and hotel lobbies. In some cases, free Wi-Fi can be accessed in public places. Less internet access is available in rural areas, so be prepared to ‘disconnect’ when traveling out of Morocco’s big cities.

Can I drink water in Morocco?

Drinking tap water isn’t recommended in Morocco. For environmental reasons, try to avoid bottled water. Ask your guide where filtered water can be found as some hotels provide this.

Are Credits cards accepted in Morocco?

Major credit cards are accepted by most large shops, hotels, and restaurants, although smaller vendors and market stalls often only accept cash.

Top responsible travel tips for Morocco

  • Be considerate of Morocco’s customs, traditions, religion, and culture.
  • Dress modestly and respectfully. Shoulders to knees should be covered, especially when entering places of worship.
  • For environmental reasons, try to avoid buying bottled water. Fill a reusable water bottle or canteen with filtered water.
  • Always dispose of litter thoughtfully, including cigarette butts.
  • Learn some local language and don’t be afraid to use it – simple greetings will help break the ice.
  • Shop for locally made products. Supporting local artisans helps keep traditional crafts alive.
  • Please ask and receive permission before taking photos of people, including children.
  • When on community visits or homestays, refrain from giving gifts or money to locals.
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