Many of you want to know more about this iconic animal when you book a ride on their backs. Some of you are even quite worried about the way they are treated (walks in the heat, weight of a human on the back …) So we decided to write this article to allow you to learn more about camels in general and to understand how we take care of them, especially at Dunes & Desert.


Questions you may have before travelling to Morocco

Is tipping customary in Morocco?

While tipping isn’t mandatory in Morocco, rounding up the bill and leaving spare change at restaurants and cafes is generally standard practice. The tipping in Morocco depends on services, kindness, and efforts. in addition that could encourage and develop the services.

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the Tattooed Berber Women of the Atlas Mountains

In Berber culture – an indigenous Northwestern African group – the act of tattooing has also long been a stamp of cultural identity and womanhood: the different etchings symbolize a woman’s marital status, fertility, and tribe. Typically, they decorate her face, hands, and feet – though some women have been known to cover every inch of their bodies. But it’s a dying act among younger generations. These tattoos are now loaded with stigma and shunned as a sin against God. C’est Haram, as the wider Arabic culture, calls it.

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Tailored Morocco Tours

Tailored Morocco Tours

Tailored Morocco Tours

Welcome to the renewed and updated Tailored Morocco Tours, a Morocco Tour agency created and managed by a group of young Berbers from the South-East of Morocco. We have a couple of years of experience dealing with tourists from all over the world. Our main goal is to organize trails according to your wishes and share our culture, tradition, and civilization with you. Our expert native guides have extensive knowledge about Morocco and will help you discover the authentic customs, culture, diversity, and magic of our country.

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